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"Professionals Dedicated to Contingency Planning & Mission-Critical Communications"

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  • Provide an educational focal point for contingency planning, business continuation, disaster avoidance, mitigation and recovery, operations resumption and restoration using telecommunications.
  • Act as a clearing house for issues, meetings, and educational events.
  • Provide administrative support, speakers and programs for contingency planning, telecommunications and related groups.
  • Publish reports, white papers, surveys and research relative to telecommunications and disaster recovery.
  • Produce educational events for members, their organizations and the telecommunications and disaster recovery communites.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of DRP/Telecom professionals.
  • Promote the professionalism of those in the field.
  • Assist in the certification process of members.

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  • Recognition by your employer, peers and associates regarding your professional commitment to contingency planning and communications.
  • Professional growth through association activities, such as serving on advisory groups, as a content provider the IDRA web site, speaking at IDRA functions, writing for publications and networking with your peers
  • Opportunities for continuing education and certification credits.
  • Discounts for the annual conference.
  • Subscription to the ACK-NAK NEWS.
  • Opportunities/Situations Wanted information.
  • Membership Certificate.
  • Information and research assistance.

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Annual Dues


  • Student Member (Signed confirmation on school letterhead required)



  • Associate (Individual) Member  (a person new to contingency planning, an overseer of  functions who is indirectly involved in everyday functions or has moved on to other responsibilities.)

     $100 US


  • Professional (Individual) Member (one who has more than 2 years experience and has direct involvement in everyday  functions)

     $100 US


  • Corporate Member (An organization involved in related activities  supporting the objectives of IDRA.)  Receives 2 individual memberships, a membership plaque and recognition & a hot link on the web site.

   $1,500 US


  • Sponsoring Member Organization (An organization involved in related activities and sponsoring IDRA activities) (Receives 4 individual memberships, a membership plaque and recognition & a hot link on the web site)

   $2,500 US


  • Sustaining Member Organization (An organization involved in related activities, sponsoring and making a continuing and sustained contribution to IDRA objectives.)  Receives 6 individual memberships, a membership plaque and recognition on the web site and a hot link.

   $5,000 US


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Three ways to join.... your choice!


A. On-Line:  Click here, fully complete the contact information.

1)       Include your intent to join in the comment area.

2)       State the membership category and member name(s).

3)       Include the respective annual dues amount.

4)       Include a note that your check is to follow.  Then click. On "Submit"

B.   FAX:  Provide the same information and FAX to 508-842-9003  Make a note on the Fax        that your check is to follow.

C.  Regular Mail:   Provide the same information, include your check.

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Mail Address: International Disaster Recovery Association, Membership Dept., c/o BWT Associates, PO# 4515, Shrewsbury, MA 01545   USA.

 NOTE:  Make your check payable to: IDRA.  (Tax FID #  04-272-1706).


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