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 “Planning & Recovery Using Telecommunications.” 




The ACK – NAK News is the official newsletter of the International Disaster Recovery Association, IDRA™.  ACK and NAK refer to when a telecommunication signal is acknowledged successful (ACK), and when the signal is NOT acknowledged successful, (NAK).  Hence, the relationship to telecommunications disaster recovery.


The focus of the ACK-NAK News is on the telecommunications aspects of voice, data, image and sensory issues relative to contingency planning & disaster recovery.


It is published bi-monthly and distributed free by Email to those in Telecommunications, Information Technology, Disaster Recovery, Contingency Planning, Business Continuation, Emergency Management and other related industries.


Unless otherwise stated in the ACK-NAK news, the information contained therein not having a © sign may be redistributed as long as it is without charge and attribution to ACK-NAK news, IDRA and is included.


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